Fans of actors, musicians, and athletes have dome some truly wild things over the year. But perhaps you’ll never see something that matched the dedication of a Dominican Man, who goes by El Kon3 Viga (El Country Viga). The businessman and sneakerhead – whose friends have called him “el papá de los #jordan” – has a full-back tattoo that makes him look as though he’s always wearing a Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls jersey. His image has gone viral on the internet, with some calling him Jordan’s biggest fan.

The tattoo – the work of José Manuel Yegres, Front Family Tattoo, and Ache Tatto – is painstakingly detailed. It features hundreds of small dots to replicate the mesh fabric. It also includes Jordan’s iconic number and signature. The shirt also captures the way jerseys bunch and wrinkle when someone is wearing them in a game. The tattoo is only found on his back. El Kon3 Viga, who also has a jumpman logo tattoo by his ear, has an assortment of ink on his chest and midsection.

El Kon3 Viga has his own shop, named Kon3 Boutique, where he sells sneakers and streetwear. While he mostly uses his Instagram account to promote his shops’ offerings, but every once in a while, he’ll promote other stuff, such as dental work in the DR. He has also promoted a Party Jordan.