Diache, Dominicans Are Taking Over NYC

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According to a new study released by CUNY’s Center for Latin American, Caribbean and Latino Studies (CLALCS), Dominicans are now the largest group of Latinos in NYC — even surpassing los boris, who have traditionally been the dominant Latino group. CUNY, by the way, also discovered that a Dominican was the first non-native American to settle in New York, so they’re really breaking a lot of domini-news.

The study analyzed Census data that revealed there were about 747,473 Dominicans in the five boroughs in 2013, compared to the 719,444 Puerto Ricans – a dramatic change from just three years earlier, when there were 605,840 Dominicans and 738,978 Puerto Ricans.

The study also found that Dominicans had the highest number of births in the city among Latino subgroups, which would explain the exponential increase in Dominican baby showers I’ve been invited to lately. Can’t say I’m mad though, Dominican baby showers are basically the most turnt events I have ever attended:

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dominican baby showers y'all

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