Dona El Regalo De Tu Ex: Peruvians Are Donating Teddy Bears From Their Exes to Needy Children

Lead Photo: Photo by kumacore / Moment
Photo by kumacore / Moment
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While some of us throw away anything from previous relationships, others stow them away, only to look at them every once in a while when we’re in the mood for reminiscing. In Peru, a police department is encouraging people to donate the contents of those old boxes for a good cause. With its campaign, Dona los regalos de tu ex, the police in Huancayo calls for donations of stuffed animals gifted from past partners.

“We’re making a call to the public to keep making donations for children and young mothers of Huancayo,” an official told Canal N. “They’re a vulnerable population who need our help. During this Christmas season, it’s necessary that we support them.”

And it seems people are responding to the campaign so far. One woman from Lima, for example, brought in a giant teddy bear – one that towers over most toddlers – that she had stashed for three years. Canal N’s footage shows many other kinds of stuffed animals – some holding hearts that read “Te Quiero” others modeled after famous bears (Winnie the Pooh).

Though the campaign focuses on peluches, the department is taking many other gifts, including food and clothing. The police department will put on a big bash, which includes a clown, to give away the gifts.