Donald Trump Hopped a Fence to Avoid Thousands of Protestors at Bay Area Speaking Event

Lead Photo: Elif Koc/PBS NewsHour

As the California Republican Convention kicked off today in Burlingame, the Bay Area came out in full force to protest Donald Trump. According to the Los Angeles Times, demonstrators slowed down Trump and forced him to enter the Hyatt Regency through the back entrance.

Things got so bad that they shut down Highway 101, so that Trump could exit his car, according to CBS SF Bay Area. And then he had to jump over a small fence, which he needed help with. Regardless, Trump still sort of stumbled.

You’d think he’d be embarrassed by what just happened to him, but once again Trump proved he has no shame, and he made a “crossing the border” joke.

But as we predicted, things aren’t looking good for Trump in California: