Donald Trump Superfan Aggressively Manhandles a Latino Protester in Troubling Video

Lead Photo: Gage Skidmore

Over the course of his campaign, Donald Trump’s hateful rhetoric toward immigrants has manifested itself in increasingly troubling ways, with his supporters engaging in several incidents of violence toward Latinos. Earlier this month, one Trump stan spit on a Latino activist’s face, while two other supporters beat up a homeless Latino man in August. Over the weekend, violence once again flared up during an event at the Trump National Doral Miami. After Trump was interrupted repeatedly by immigration protestors at his campaign event on Saturday, an unidentified man dragged protestor Ariel Rojas out of the venue, even appearing to kick him. Rojas was holding a Q sign to help seven others spell out “EQUALITY,” according to Mic.

Upon witnessing this violence, other attendees began changing “U.S.A.! U.S.A.!” Rojas later told NBC 6 South Florida, the station that captured the disturbing scene, that he and his friends had their signs torn by Trump boosters.

Trump, who believes he will win the Latino vote, wasn’t critical of this moment in Miami, one of the largest Latino cities in the United States. He told his supporters, “You can get ’em out, but don’t hurt ’em.” Clearly, he doesn’t care if that’s true or not, though Trump’s people have tried to distance themselves from this man, saying that he was just at the event and is not tied to him. He also didn’t allow Univision, who he says is a puppet of Mexico, to be at the event.

Latina superfan Myriam Witcher may not find this video hard to watch, but it made me audibly gasp, so be warned before you press play on the video above.