Donald Trump Says He Won’t Go to Mexico Anymore, Mexicans DGAF

Lead Photo: Gage Skidmore
Gage Skidmore
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Donald Trump is over Mexico, though he can’t seem to keep the country’s name out of his mouth. On the Rita Cosby Show, Trump’s trompa made some more noise, saying that people are apologizing to him for initially being against him after his racist comments about Mexico. That sounds like a lie, but ok. He went on to talk about being the best person to build a wall to separate the U.S. and Mexico, though he never offers any real answers when asked to elaborate.

On the other hand, he is doing an ace job at spreading his vitriol. “People know how corrupt Mexico is,” he said. “It’s a corrupt place. In the court system, I have a judgement for millions of dollars in Mexico. I can’t collect it, because the court system is so bad… Let’s put it this way, I’m not going to Mexico.” So they never have to see your face, and you miss out on a wonderful country?

Meanwhile, George Lopez proved that Trump is not as well-loved as he thinks he is. Check him out leading an anti-Trump chant.