Don’t Worry, Human Meme MC Dinero is Not Actually Dead

Every year there’s at least one celebrity death hoax that goes viral on Facebook, and 90% of the time it’s Morgan Freeman. At this point, I firmly believe that Morgan Freeman is immortal, but that is neither here nor there. Last week, a viral death rumor spread that hit us hard in the feels: MC Dinero, the “rapper” who became an internet sensation after the world’s worst/best freestyle of all time, was rumored to have passed away. Thankfully, he’s cropped up to set the record straight, in an interview that is just as meandering and long-winded as his verses.

For those unfamiliar with this wizard of words, MC Dinero (real name Jesús Manrique González) is basically the Mexican version of William Hung. He got so big after his painfully awkward freestyle – which mainly consisted of saying the word “dinero” over and over again, hence the moniker – that he was able to parlay the fame into actual concerts and other tracks. Not to mention the other artists who have sampled him:

He’s the meme that keeps on giving, and we’re relieved to find that the 19 year-old is still alive and kicking.