A Mexican Artist Is Holding a Funhouse Mirror to Democracy With His Political Haunted House

Lead Photo: Pedro Reyes at the Brooklyn Army Terminal. Courtesy Creative Time
Pedro Reyes at the Brooklyn Army Terminal. Courtesy Creative Time
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As November inches closer, it’s become increasingly clear just how high the stakes are this election season. This morning, the New York Times published a piece with one scary headline, “Poll Shows Tight Race for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.” With just eight weeks away, Trump’s campaign seemingly hasn’t lost any steam. As we grapple with a nightmarish election, Creative Time plans to turn the horrors of the current political landscape into a haunted house. Titled Doomocracy, the immersive installation will feature a “maze of near apocalyptic torments, from climate change to pandemic gun violence and more.” CDMX Artist Pedro Reyes will design the political haunted house.

But before it can kick off on October 7, Creative Time needs your help. Through Kickstarter, Creative Time hopes to raise $80,000 for the project. So far, the Kickstarter has met 68 percent of the goal. The campaign will allow them to hire actors, a writer, a director, and more, so it can “hold up a funhouse mirror to democracy.”

“In a political period as dizzying, and occasionally terrifying, as this year, Creative Time is once again following an artist’s singular vision to provide much-needed perspective and, well, catharsis,” said Nato Thomas, Creative Time’s artistic director, in a press release. “With Doomocracy, Reyes touches upon the haunted house in each of us, and his playful approach allows confrontation with the panoply of apocalyptic scenarios we collectively imagine.”

If all goes well, the political haunted house will be open from October 7 to November 6 at the Brooklyn Army Terminal. The event is free, but there’s a limited number of tickets up for grabs. The first batch already sold out.

The Doomacracy Kickstarter campaign runs until September 29, 2016 at 11:43 a.m. Donate here.