Dos x Uno: Myspace and Remezcla Music Overload

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Mark your calendars Remezcleros! Myspace Latino and Remezcla are hooking it up in early May with TWO out-of-control free shows (plus perks) in the Chi. Get this- just before The En Tu Ciudad tour showcases Saber, Los Vicios de Papa, Making Movies, and DJ Chavez at the Bottom Lounge, Calle 13 will make a much needed return to Chicago as part of the Myspace Show Secretos Series. Dassss Right Calle 13 plus a kick-ass En Tu Ciudad Tour all wrapped in one coming soon.

The Calle 13 show comes complete with a special screening of their documentary, Sin Mapa, on their travels through Latin America. At the En Tu Ciudad Show expect some hand made local love with a live t-shirt silkscreening plus fun giveaways.