DR Senator Charlie Mariotti Does Serious Senate Stuff While Wearing Full-Flag Face Paint

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Charlie Mariotti lost his goddamn mind at a recent senate session when he decided not to just subtweet someone he was mad at. He showed up to the session with his face painted with the Dominican flag on it, so that he could protest Luis Almagro, secretary general of the Organización de Estados Americanos. I’m not gonna lie. I enjoyed this sooo much and only wish we had reaction GIFs of everyone who realized that Mariotti showed up looking like he was at a fútbol match.

Mariotti was upset with Almagro after he appeared on CNN talking about Haiti and the DR. “It’s an island,” Almagro said. “Generally, when there is an island, there aren’t two countries. There’s only one country, even if it’s an island as big as Australia. This is a small island with two countries, with social realities that are very different, with different economic realities, with different political realities.” All factually accurate.

But you have to read between the lines to understand why Mariotti was so upset. He believed that Almagro’s comment suggested that the DR and Haiti should merge into one country. Mariotti said that he and others were bitter, disappointed, worried and upset after hearing Almagro on CNN. “His declarations, intemperate and out of place, transmitted to the world, are unacceptable for Dominicans,” he said. Unfortunately for him, his red-blue-and-white face is louder than his message.

Check out more angles of him wearing face paint, doing serious senate stuff: