Every so often, the internet comes together to help a regular everyday person meet their favorite celebrity. Recently, the internet did good when it helped spread a message asking Drake to meet with an 11-year-old fan. Last week, Sofia Sanchez, a patient at Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago, posted a video of herself dancing to “In My Feelings.” Drake was in town for the “Aubrey and the Three Migos” tour, and he made his way to her hospital room this weekend to celebrate her 11th birthday.

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Sofia was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, which requires a heart transplant for survival, this summer. The pre-teen recently had surgery to received a ventricular assist device, which helps her heart function properly. In her video message, she explained as much. “I just had surgery three weeks ago,” she said. “The surgery was to help my heart pump. I love your music, and I was hoping that you could come and cheer me up for my birthday.”

Her mother, Natalie Sanchez, explained that Drake has inspired the young girl, particularly his “God’s Plan” video, where he donates money and groceries to people in Miami. Sofia is now waiting for a heart transplant.

On Monday, Drake posted images from their meet up, and it is seriously heartwarming.

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And to check out her reaction when Drake walks into the door, check out the video below: