Droncita, First Grafitti Drone in Mexico, Goes After Enrique Peña Nieto

Since last year’s mass kidnapping of 43 students from a teachers college in Ayotzinapa, Mexico has shown that they refuse to brush this dark moment in history under the rug. While Mexican citizens continue to hold protests to demand government accountability, art is perhaps the most visible way that this movement continues to thrive.

Taking their cues from the world of art, the Rexiste collective is using Droncita, a drone that sprays graffiti, to push the government on the case of the missing 43, according to The Guardian. The anti-government group calls Droncita their “little sister,” and she is being called Mexico’s first graffiti-artist drone. She uses red spray paint to cover President Enrique Peña Nieto’s face wherever his image appears on the walls of the city.

The video above shows Droncita at work. TheRexiste collective, which started from the #YoSoy132 student movement to challenge EPN and Televisa, says that Droncita is only a few weeks old. “Droncita was only born a couple of weeks ago but she’s already deeply loved and her videos have been shared across social networks,” they said. “The impact’s been surprising and we think it reflects the need to renew the ways in which we get involved in the public debate; protests and marches are necessary but they are not enough.”

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