Ear to the Street Q&A: Download Frankie P's Latest

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Frankie P is about his craft. For the last few years, Frankie P has been putting down, brick by brick, a solid foundation of next level, genre-bending music. Whether it’s working with the likes of ASAP Rocky / ASAP mob, Adrienne Bailon, Audubon or Karina Pasian among many others, Frankie P’s versatility, verve and craftsmanship is evident in every note.

Last year, Frankie dropped the masterful Hazy Nights in the Heights, an instrumental ode to the Heights. Frankie P’s sound is awesomely Avant-Garde and expansive while still keeping an inquisitive eye to what came before.

Today, Frankie P drops the highly anticipated Keys Open Doors, which is a mashup The Clipse and The Doors. Stream below, or download here.


The idea of mashing the Clipse and the Doors is pretty brilliant, how did that come about?

Thank you. It was actually a concept that was presented to me by Christopher B. about two years ago, I was sending beats and songs to Chris who was A&Ring a few projects and artists. I went over to the studio he was working at and as soon as he told me the idea, a light bulb went off in my head. It’s almost like I saw/heard the entire project in my head before I even touched the keys. I knocked out the bulk of the work in about 2 weeks.They both have cult followings… everything just came together on its own for the most part…

The project actually sat on my hard drive for about two years. It was 75% done but I could no longer find any Clipse acapellas. I was hanging out at my home studio one night with my boy Pedro and we sparked up a random conversation about the Doors. I let him hear a few of the tracks and he went crazy. He said there is no way this can stay on your computer… The world needs to hear this… I needed to hear that to put the effort into finishing the project… The rest is history…

One never knows what Frankie P will come out with next. You seem to really like being on some next shit. Why is that?

LOL. I like to push the envelop when it comes to creating and art. I get bored easily so I am constantly hunting for whats next… or what hasn’t been done yet… how can I improve shit… how can I flip this sample… whats next in fashion… who’s creating amazing art… it all comes into play. At the end of the day, I just want to be inspired and inspire others. That means knowing whats THE NEXT BIG THING TO POP! Its really having a tastemaker mentality and trusting your taste enough to know that people will fuck with your product.

Besides this project, what else is on the horizon for Frankie P?

I recently signed a management deal as well as my own imprint to develop projects/artists. The deal has me in the studio with a ton of artists/musicians/songwriters/etc. I am also in the studio with Audubon, Karina Pasian, ASAP Rocky/ASAP mob, Adrienne Bailon, and many more.

Audubon’s next project is almost done as well. You can expect this one to be even better than Digging for Sunlight! We have been a bit quiet of late but trust me, we been in the lab creating HITS…

As well as the follow up to Hazy Nights In The Heights. You can expect a few more surprises before I start working on that though… WE GRINDIN!!!

It’s funny because this Uptown Renaissance thing is really going down. How does it feel to be an important part of that cultural, social and musical emergence of a neighborhood?

To say that I am honored is an understatement. I am doing what I love and for people to share that love with me is a blessing. I don’t do this for money or fame… I do it for the respect and love of the culture. To know that my neighborhood has my back 100% in any musical endeavor I make gives me all the confidence in the world. To sum it all up, it feels like magic (I know it sounds corny) but I feel that shit in my bones when i walk down St. Nick… Wash Heights got next… We are not stopping till we reach the top… and that will be just the beginning…

Hit me up and let me know what you think of the music! #YA

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