Earthquakes Are Muy Scary!

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I don’t know what in the last 24 hours was more shocking: Seeing Kim Kardashian’s booty up-close-and-personal at a fundraiser she hosted last night in Santa Monica, or the 5.4 Chino Hills earthquake that just shook L.A.

I’m proud to report that I was the only dork in our two-story office building to duck and cover underneath my desk like they trained us to do back in middle school.

While it wasn’t as big as my first—the 1987 Whittier Narrows quake that caused our dog to run away for a month and left my knees bloody with carpet burns cause I slid for cover in the hallway—it was still scary as hell!

My heart was beating fast for fear that it would develop into an 8.5 and for many in our office, who stem from the East Coast, it was their first. The cellphones were down because everyone and their baby’s daddy was calling out at the same time and eventually we evacuated to make sure there were no structural damages. There weren’t.

I finally got through on my cellphone to my grandma who’s tough as nails and said she was still keeping her appointment with the dentist.

Pictured: Top: Merchandise that fell from the shelves of a K-Mart in Chino Hills (L.A. Times).; Bottom: Kim and her sister’s booty shot  (Monique Taylor).