East WillyB Episode 4 Recap

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Ay, Dios Mio!!! How are my East WillyB peeps doing on this fine glorious day? Hope you’ve all stocked up on your Christian wafers because this episode of East WillyB packs quite the religious Hawaiian Punch. And, since this weekend kicks off Cinco de Mayo, (aka booze galore) let’s start off the weekend with a big “Machetazo” of laughs, shall we?


For episode 4 of East WillyB the opening scene has Cesar (aka Che ‘needs a lot of Adderall’ Guevara) hatch another awful plan to interrogate local hipsters to increase sales for Willy Jr. But, unfortunately for Willy, the interrogation scene goes left when 1) “Manny the Fanny” is more concerned with scoring hipster fanny and 2) Tommy (our senior citizen with issues) comes into the bar all intoxicated from cheap drinks at Albert’s establishment. The hipster in question (a dead ringer for Steve Urkel) reluctantly provides some insight – but as you hear him speak, you can’t help but want him to say that dang tagline: “Did I do thaaaaaaat?”


And now for some bochinche news: as we see the return of our religious comadre (and fellow egg carton enthusiast) we see that homegirl is having some series issues with ‘El Diablo’ – aka the grimy-slimy realtor wrecking havoc in her neighborhood. And instead of keeping quiet or just reverting to her usual egg bombing ways; she decides to take it to the streets! That’s right, homegirl defaces flyers by painting horns on her ‘friend’ and preaches to the top of her lungs that this man is in fact the antichrist. Definitely making her a shoe-in at the next Tammy Faye Bakker convention. Don’t forget to pack on the eyeliner, girl! 😉

Edgar, our p.o.’d muralist, is now on a man hunt for ‘The Yoker’ – and on his soapbox, he has got to shell out the best manhunt speech since Tommy Lee Jones’ character in “The Fugitive” – Tommy would be proud, bro.


Michael Rapaport, oops, I mean Albert, is always on his A-game with bringing in the cash flow; but his latest gimmick seems almost hamburglar cruel. It’s bad enough that he’s dating Willy Jr’s ex-fiance Maggie, but now homie has hired Willy Jr’s brother, reggaetonero (and from the looks of it, Don Omar’s baby brother) Don Nestor. Albert’s plan is to demolish his competition by having Don Nestor do a concert, while sponsoring his “Machetazo” energy drinks. In complete disbelief, Willy Jr. is left at a loss for words – and to boot a big ol’ “Machetazo” can is then thrown upside his face. Ah, poor Willy Jr. just can’t catch a break, can he? El pobrecito.

Sidenote: What is up with that loudmouth DJ in this scene? Doesn’t he look like a Puerto Rican version of Fatman Scoop? Where is HOT97 at, homie? I want my free T-shirt… or at least some free CDs. :p

So, will Albert succeed at pulling off this little coo or will it backfire on his hamburglar behind? Will Cesar finally find Jesus… or at least some decent medication? Please brotha, find some help. Will our wronged victims (la biblia thumping comadre and Edgar) find true justice, or will they just find problems with the po-po? Will Don Omar Jr, oops, I mean Don Nestor, really help his brother’s competition succeed? Or, is this some devilish scheme that will be Verbal Kint worthy. We’ll just have to wait and see… buwahahaha [insert Vincent Price’s maniacal laugh here]. In the meantime, watch the full episode below:

[insert-video youtube=-9dC-Rf6Rlo]

PS: I want to wish you all a very Happy Cinco de Mayonnaise and I’ll see y’all next time. Besos! :*

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