Ecuador Coup Live Stream: State Of Emergency Declared

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Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa declared a state of emergency in Ecuador after protests from police sent him to scramble for safety at a Quito hospital. Police are protesting a recent legislative decision to end certain benefits and bonuses, specifically for military and police personnel, and have engaged in the harshest unrest the president has seen under his tenure. Correa asserts that he’s under attack, but has pledged he’ll go down fighting if the circumstances escalate.

Our network at Remezcla extends to family and friends in Ecuador, and the possibility of a military coup in the country is frightening. We’ve been following reports online via Twitter search “Ecuador” and our homeboy — and LA Times La Plaza writer — Daniel Hernandez’s page. Although a coup has not been officially declared by an opposing entity, the country is still under a state of emergency. A live news stream is below.

If video doesn’t work, please watch the Live stream here