Ecuador is Making History With $3.8 Million Super Bowl Commercial

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The entire internet has been talking about Kim Kardashian’s Super Bowl commercial today, but the real Super Bowl history-maker will be Ecuador. On Feb. 1st, the nation will become the first foreign country to have a tourism commercial during the Super Bowl – a 30-second ad that will reportedly be soundtracked by The Beatles “All You Need Is Love.” We’re imagining scenic images of the Andes, cute animals in the Galapagos, and stunning architecture – at least, based on what we’ve already seen of the “All You Need is Ecuador” campaign, which launched last March:

It’s a big bet for Ecuador: the commercial will set them back $3.8 million. But according to The Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador, it’s worth it. Yahoo reports that if the commercial can drive even a 1% increase in tourism from the U.S., they will have recouped their entire investment. This is all part of the country’s plans to build up their tourism sector into their third biggest source of non-oil revenue by the end of this year, and to have it reach first place by 2017.

While they’re at it, perhaps they can spend some money on taking prospective tourists out to a delicious Ecuadorian feast – there’s pretty much no other convincing needed after you’ve sampled some locro de papa. Everyone’s vacations would have been booked yesterday, just sayin’.

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