11-Year-Old Who Was First in Family to Graduate Primaria Receives Scholarship for High GPA

Lead Photo: Art by Alan Lopez
Art by Alan Lopez
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About six months ago, 11-year-old Efraín Delgado became the first in his family to finish elementary school. Every day, Efraín – accompanied by his grandfather, Ángel, walked more than an hour to get to his school in Chaco, Argentina. His story went viral after a picture of Efraín and his abuelito made the rounds online. In one heartwarming photo, Efraín and Ángel are seen crying after the accomplishments of the young boy – a member of the Toba indigenous community. Now, they have more reason to celebrate. According to Misiones Online, the outstanding student received a scholarship – who had the highest grade point average – to make it possible for him to continue his education.

The Mejor Promedia scholarship is awarded to Argentine students in primaria, secundaria, terciarios, and universitarios. Efraín said he’d use the scholarship – furnished by Cooperativa de Productores de Yerba Mate Piporé and worth more than $1,000 – to buy books and other tools for school. Hugo Baricheval – the director of the No. 23 school in Pampa Chica – has also provided support along the way. Last year, he wanted to help the student get a bicycle because his new school is even further away, which he did eventually receive. Hopefully, with this money, Efraín’s will get one step closer to his goals.