Eighty Grand’s "No Kings, No Gods" Giveaway

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Eighty Grand is a Phoenix-based clothing brand founded by Pablo “Pretty Pablo” Sapien that has collaborated with local artists such as Joseph “Sentrock” Perez, as well as sponsored rappers such as MURS, Joell Ortiz, and Yelawolf. His most recent concept “No Kings, No Gods,” a collaboration with Sentrock – wolves, pyramids, crowns – was a response to the philosophy that designers and artists should follow set rules. Instead of allowing boundaries to box in their creativity, Pablo and Sentrock melded their visions to create wearable art that answers to no one.

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Who wears Eighty Grand?
I always felt my audience were people who wanted to stand out and be original – who weren’t afraid to be different.

Why the name Eighty Grand?
The name Eighty Grand came from, “We just some kids from the eighties trying to make a grand,” which really was a bunch of my closest friends and family who were tired of the 9-5 and wanted to make it on our own.

How did you and collaborate for your pop up shop? Are you hoping to do more of that?
Jorge has always showed interest in the brand and with the launch of his Art Collective he wanted us to be apart of it. Palabra is such a dope location and I’m very fortunate to be apart of his movement along with my good ol’ friends Sentrock, Enrique “Cochino” Garcia, Ashley Macias, Mikey Jackson and Yaicecream. We are actually set up at Palabra permanently now, so feel free to stop by and check out the gear and art on display. We are working to collaborate on some more events early next year.

What do you think of the local PHX scene? What’s working and what’s missing?
I love our local art scene. I’ve been around the scene since 2006 and I’ve seen it grow so much. We have so much talent here, its ridiculous! I really don’t have anything negative to say about it; I believe its growing everyday and the artists are getting more attention, and I think social media has a lot to do with it. It’s so much easier now to show our work and get new supporters.

How did you collaborate with Sentrock? Are you hoping to collaborate more with local artists?
Sentock and I have been good friends for a while; we’ve always supported each others creativity and had respect for what each other hustle. We’ve talked about collaborating for a while and we finally sat down late last year and started working on our collab titled “NO KINGS, NO GODS.” We created 3 tee’s, hoodies and 2 snap-backs and launched it in April with an amazing response! It has been so much fun working with sent this year. Now it is time to move on and continue this journey. We are now working together with Yaicecream on our spring line for 2014 and maybe with some of the other dope artists in the art collective, and as always my main designer of 6 years ,C. Leddy.

We will be celebrating our 6 year anniversary in 2014, so best believe that we are gonna do some dope, creative groundbreaking projects, and piss off a lot of people as always! Shout outs to my wife Auna – without her love and support none of this would be possible; [and to] Tony “The Tiger” Salazar. who joined the team this year, and has been a huge influence on me.

Every one who supported us and bought this art, thank you!

2 t-shirts
1 sweater
1 snap back

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