As Central American immigrants – many of whom come from Honduras – make their way north, many have noted Donald Trump’s resistance and outright hostility toward those trying to reach the United States. But when we’re examining how policy and xenophobia affect Central Americans, we can’t forget Mexico’s role. In light of what some have called the “biggest caravan in the history of caravans,” Nuevo Leon Governor Jaime Heliodoro Rodríguez Calderón – aka El Bronco – has spoken out and said that he’d deport immigrants who reached the northern state.

“I believe that when we give too many freedoms, people do what they want,” he said, according to Animal Político. “We also take opportunities away from people here, who are our responsibility. If we have [resources] to spare, we’d gladly give others. But if we lack [resources], no… Nuevo Leon doesn’t have the economic ability to grant them stay, perhaps to help them, maybe some in shelters. But to support them is complicated. They can stay here, so long as it’s legal. If not, we’d have to apply the law.”

Though El Bronco’s comments don’t have the same negativity as Trump’s words (Trump has likened them to criminals), it’s not very compassionate, especially considering the many challenges and dangers Central Americans face in Mexico. And according to several organizations, what El Bronco is saying is also untrue. Using statistics that show economic growth for both Nuevo Leon and the entire nation over the last few months, organizations argue that the country, and particularly the state, could receive immigrants and offer them jobs.