El Chapo Allegedly Had Erectile Dysfunction Surgery in Tijuana While on the Lam

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Now that Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán has been caught once again, all of his dirty laundry is getting aired out – from the thirsty texts that show how desperate he was to meet Kate del Castillo to his history of writing sappy love letters.

Now, Reforma is reporting that sources close to the Guzmán investigation have disclosed that El Chapo had a testicular implant to improve blood flow, aka erectile dysfunction surgery, while on the lam. The sources claim the surgery happened in border city of Tijuana sometime between September and October 2015. La Opinión adds that it took place after El Chapo met Kate del Castillo and Sean Penn.

After he was caught, officials reportedly found injectable testosterone, syringes, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, and a note from the pharmacy for medicine that improves sexual performance among his belongings. And… four DVDs of La Reina del Sur. ????

In the months that he was on the run, he supposedly only left his safe haven once – to have this surgery done.