El Chapo’s Tunnel Escape is Now the Subject of a Museum Exhibit in Las Vegas

Lead Photo: Mob Museum
Mob Museum
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After getting his face emblazoned on tees and having countless rappers drop his name in their songs, Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán now has a museum exhibit featuring his great tunnel escape of 2015. Las Vegas’ National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement, aka the Mob Museum, is currently showcasing an exhibit about the underground tunnel El Chapo used to escape the Altiplano maximum-security penitentiary. “El Chapo’s Great Escape” will be on display until August, according to Fusion.

The museum’s content developer, Jeff Burbank, said the exhibit isn’t about honoring El Chapo, but rather an exploration of how he’s reached this level of notoriety. Shawn Bicker and Adam Throgmorton built the 3-D model based on reports from the Mexican government and the news.

“When building this model we always had to keep going back to the story, trying to create something simple to understand for everyone who is not familiar with all the facts,” Throgmorton told Fusion.