El Chupacabras is Hanging Out On a San Diego Beach

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Que asco, right?

Vice is reporting on a new monster sent in by one of their readers. Rocco Castoro writes:

When I asked him what he thought it was he said, “I didn’t know if it was some creature from around here. I’m from Massachusetts and I don’t see shit like that ever. My friends were like no, I’ve never seen anything like that and were pretty tripped up about it. I thought it was pretty funny and kind of mysterious.” Comparing Joshs’s images (the only two he took, he said) to footage and photos of supposed Chupacabras that have been found across the nation, it does seem to fit three key characteristics of the mythical beast: 1) Its hind legs are longer than its front pair; 2) It appears to be mostly hairless; and 3) It looks fucking creepy. The main reasons I think it could be phony are its eyes don’t look natural and that dumb looking tuft of hair that perfectly resembles a mohawk is just too good (and “California”) to be true. Also, it looks like a dog someone chucked over the side of a boat, sort of.

We at Remezcla know that there’s absolutely no doubt: this is a Chupacabras. And we’re experts. California is a big place for Chupacabras sightings; as,ahem, I wrote last Halloween:

By 1996, reports of Chupacabra attacks were being reported on the mainland as well, beginning in Miami and later in the Southwest and in Mexico. Either the creature had migrated, or the stories had become so popular that reports of sightings and copycat attacks were being carried out here, too. (Depends on whether you’re a skeptic.) Particularly in the Southwest, the creature had begun to be described as doglike but reptilian, leading to sightings of a number of Chupacabras that looked like this…

The only question is what the hell a Chupacabras actually is, and what it’s doing chilling out in San Diego, not to mention dying on a beach. And where does it get that awesome mohawk styled?

More importantly, have you seen the Chupacabras yourself? Do you know anyone who has? What’s your favorite Chupacabras story?