El Wiken Roundup: Google celebrates Mexican democracy, and Pitbull goes Arctic

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Twitter: @BarbotRobot

In case you were partying too hard and missed it, this is how the internet was Hispanic this weekend.

The Google Doodle on Sunday was decked out to celebrate election day in Mexico and encourage participation in the democratic process. Google’s cool doodles for big days never cease to be a big deal, and so it’s always cool when they shout out something Latino-specific or international, as they did back on Borges’ birthday.

Peña-Nieto won the election, though, so…I mean, I guess…whatever

In perhaps less depressing news, writer David Thorpe has begun a campaign to exile human airhorn Pitbull to the frozen wastes of the far North. Okay, maybe I’ve been watching too much Game of Thrones, but (polar)bear with me: Wal-Mart has begun a contest where the town whose store receives the most Likes on Facebook receives a free concert from Mr. Worldwide himself. Accordingly, Thorpe has begun campaigning for Walmart Kodiak, in order to send Pitbull to Alaska. We support this.

Dear Pitbull: Bring a jacket; we hear it’s chilly.
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In other news, SPAIN won the sports-thing! (I don’t do sports.) So congratulations!

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That’s been this weekend on the Latin-ternet. Have a happy Monday/Loony Lunes.