El merengue cubano?

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More from the Sunday Times….  this time, we attack the Style magazine.

In a little section called “Remix” (nice name!), there’s a little piece on different island travel destinations, I Tan, Therefore I Am, and lo and behold, nuestro querida Cuba makes the list.  As our eager eyes sped over the text, they came to a quick halt when….

Though Americans still can’t visit legally, tens of thousands a year brave Bush-administration crackdowns for merengue, Caribbean color and an air of renegade chic.

Two words: fact checker (or is that one word?  Factchecker. hmmm…).  Either way, should be in CAPS: FACT CHECKER, cabrones!

Or maybe people do go to Cuba in search of merengue?  Maybe?!?!?  Never mind son or salsa… or jazz and hip-hop for that matter, poor Leo and Naomi must have been so disappointed when they found out they’d gone to the wrong isla.  Hmm.

After a quick google search (’cause we like to do that….), seems like the Germans are confused to.  But if you’re interested, you too can learn to dance the Cuban merengue and bachata at the Academia de Baile “Ritmo Cubano” in Frankfurt.  And hey, W ain’t fining you for traveling to Deutschland!!

…and for the record, Times fact checker, you’re *technically* allowed to bring two boxes of Cohibas (or Romeo y Julietas… or Montecristos) into the country.  But then again, you weren’t supposed to be in Cuba to begin with so….