This El Paso Man Creatively Used His Lowrider to Propose to His Girlfriend

Lead Photo: Photo by entitydesigns / iStock / Getty Images Plus
Photo by entitydesigns / iStock / Getty Images Plus
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The kind of proposals that go viral online are creative and impressive, so it’s no wonder that Erick Carrillo’s proposal is lighting up the internet. Incorporating his love for lowrider culture, Carrillo used his car to pop the question. With a push of a button, the El Paso man raised the height of the car, making it nearly perpendicular to the ground. That’s when the underside of the car revealed a banner that read: “Will you marry me”

Carrillo then brings his fiancée around and drops to one knee. Though she’s in disbelief, she immediately accepts. On Instagram, he simply wrote, “I couldn’t have asked for anyone better. Thanks for putting up with this lowrider lifestyle and the hop life, of course. And she said yes.”

Check out the impressive proposal below:

H/T Lowrider Magazine