Eleazar Delgado Studios Giving Away Tickets to Art Wynwood

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It’s a good thing Miami has such a vibrant visual arts scene, because it’d be really easy for the city to completely OD on arts events. As it stands, however, it seems that things aren’t exactly in any danger of becoming boring.

One of the artists devoted to keeping things interesting in Miami is Eleazar Delgado, a practitioner of “epic painting” that uses large canvases to tell stories and explore his themes. His studio will be among those open for Art Wynwood this weekend through Monday – don’t forget it’s a three day weekend, everybody – and if you want to win VIP passes to Art Wynwood weekend, just post the name of your favorite Delgado piece on the Wall of his studio’s Facebook fanpage…after clicking “Like,” of course. Doing so enters your name in the contest, y ya!

Don’t say Remezcla doesn’t take care of you.

And hey, even if you don’t win, stop by the studio. You may even get to see Delgado himself working on his latest projects…