Election Day Ansias

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Yes, the suspense is killing us too. No matter how much we try and go about business as usual, it’s nearly impossible with our country’s future in limbo.

Will McCain win and make us all want to blow this taco stand? Or will Obama be victorious and give patriotism a much needed makeover? We can only sit in front of a screen and browse election coverage online in anticipation.

So whether you’re tuned into KCRW’s streamlined coverage or watching TV at your desk before convening with your homies later to await results of this historic election, here are some other clever ways to express how this day is making you feel:

1. Tell the New York Times one word to describe your current state of mind.

2. See testimonials by everyday Angelenos on why they voted today.

3. Watch one of many passionate speeches by Obama on YouTube. The Stevie Wonder jam at the end of this one gets us every time.

4. Or get a case of the WTFs by reading some of the bizarre stories compiled in the LA Times’s new Odd & Offbeat News, our latest obsession.

How are you dealing with today? Any voting drama?