Was Tess Pearson Reading Elizabeth Acevedo’s ‘The Poet X’ on ‘This Is Us?’

Lead Photo: The Poet X
The Poet X
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It looks like Tess Pearson from This Is Us really is just like, well, us.

On Thursday night’s episode of the NBC series, the oldest daughter of Randall and Beth is seen in her bed holding a book that looks a lot like The Poet X – the award-winning debut novel from Dominican-American author Elizabeth Acevedo. The young adult novel, released in 2018, is about an Afro-Latina teen who uses poetry to grapple with gender roles, her mother’s religious pressures and a new romantic relationship.

“Go ‘head, mamita,” Acevedo tweeted alongside photos of the book’s cameo. The tweet, though, was eventually deleted, but many agreed with her.

On Twitter, fans responded to Acevedo’s tweet, sharing anecdotes of their excitement when they spotted the book on their TV screens.

“My daughter and I jumped up like: ‘That’s Poet X.’ My daughter smiled so hard. She loves the book and it was special to see a book she sees herself in on national TV,” one user tweeted. “Tess has taste,” another one added.

This week, Acevedo revealed the cover of her anticipated third novel Clap When You Land, which features the faces of two young Afro-Dominican women. The book, about two sisters who learn of each other after their father dies in a plane crash and tackles matters of loss, forgiveness and new bonds, is set to be released on May 5, 2020.