An Empanada Emoji Could Be on the Horizon

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Pretty much the only thing that motivates me to actually update my iOS software is the release of new emojis – and that time is finally nigh. Last week, news broke that The Unicode Consortium will debut 72 new emojis later this month, and though the batch was relatively tame compared to last year’s – which included a taco and a burrito – this time around we’re finally getting an avocado:

Perhaps even more exciting, however, are the emojis that are still in consideration as candidates. Among the 8 new candidates is this guy:

While the Unicode website lists this emoji’s official name as “dumpling,” in its description the consortium gives a nod to the dumpling analogs that exist around the world, including empanadas. If we get this emoji it’d be a pretty big win for pan-Latino texting, since empanadas are one of the few foods that unite most of Latin America. It would also represent the triumph of a months-long campaign from journalist Jennifer 8. Lee, chef/food personality Eddie Huang, and author Kenny Lao, who among others, have been lobbying for a dumpling emoji to bring us all together. They wisely noted “Poland has pierogi. Nepal has momos. Russia has pelmeni. Japan has gyoza. Italy has ravioli. Georgia has khinkali. Korea has mandoo. Argentina has empanadas. Jews have kreplach. China has potstickers.Yet there is no dumpling emoji. There are, however, emojis for pizza, hamburgers and tacos (which Taco Bell likes to take credit for). Even sushi. What gives?”

Couldn’t agree more. Here’s hoping the empamoji makes the cut for next year.