Encuerados en el zócalo

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New York photographer Spencer Tunick, famous for his photos of naked people en masse in public places, has beat his own record!  This past Sunday between 18,000 and 20,000 (naked) people congregated in the center of Mexico City for Tunick’s biggest project yet (it had previously been 7000 in Barcelona in 2003…).  He’d been hoping for at least 4,000 like in the Santiago, Chile show (where one Remezclera participated…), but got waaaay more.  Then on Monday he did another shoot of 105 desnudas… all of whom looked like Frida Kahlo.  Incredible!

We just got a bunch of pictures from the shoot (and here’s a photogallery from the folks at, and honestly, we wish we could’ve been there.  Imagine, a weekend at Vive Latino, and then spending some time naked in the zócalo with 18,000+ strangers?  Sounds amazing (and I’m NOT being sarcastic here)!!! 

Would you have participated?  Have you participated in one of Tunick’s shoots?? 

More info on Spencer Tunick and the Mexico shoot here:
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and some additional photos (gracias, Aldo!):