EPN Visits Iguala for the First Time Since 2014 Kidnappings, But Doesn’t Meet With the Parents of the Missing 43

Lead Photo: Reuters
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It’s been almost 17 months since 43 students were kidnapped from an Ayotzinapa teachers college, and on Wednesday, President Enrique Peña Nieto made his first visit to Iguala since the tragic crime left Mexico reeling. EPN, whose government has been severely criticized for not taking accountability for the kidnappings, did not meet with the parents of the missing 43. As a matter of fact, he barely spoke about the disappearance, according to The Guardian.

The visit coincided with Día de la Bandera in the birthplace of the tricolored flag. When he addressed the crowd, he tried to assuage fears of the impending economic crisis.

“Throughout our national history, Mexicans have confirmed time and again that the best route to the future is the road of laws and institutions,” he said. “The regrettable events occurring here in Iguala, in September 2014, provided evidence of the need to continue advancing on this route.”

Once again, EPN was met with criticism for his seeming indifference. One of the parents told The Guardian that EPN wasn’t there for them. “They have all the people and resources to find out what happened,” Emiliano Navarrete said. “But they invented a lie.”

After outside reports found holes in the official investigation, parents have not stopped demanding answers. This week, 60 parents and students boarded two buses to demand “the truth and justice” from Mexico City to Tamaulipas, according to El Comercio.