Enrique Tovar Sexually Harrasses His Female Co-Host on Live TV in Mexico

Televisa is known for some sexist bullshit, but it still didn’t prepare me enough to see ATM‘s Enrique Tovar objectify and disrespect his co-host Tania Reza on air. During a segment for the show, shot in Ciudad Juárez, scumbag Tovar couldn’t stop touching Reza, while she uncomfortably recoils from his advances. The behavior escalates, as Tovar “jokingly” tries to lift her skirt multiple times, and eventually pokes her chest.

The behavior is so egregious that companies could literally show this video to explain to their workers what sexual harassment in the workplace looks like.

Reza stood up for herself every step of the way, eventually ripping her mic off and walking off set. Tovar, dead serious and an obvious moron, turns to the camera and apologizes that his co-host is “a little hormonal.”

And all of this is super upsetting, because what kind of a-hole thinks they can get away with this kind of behavior, but what’s worse is that ATM hasn’t fired Tovar and is using the situation as a way to get more views. On their Facebook page, they twice posted the video; the second time featured a click-baity headline. There were no apologies.

Whether it’s up to ATM director/writer Daniel Roldan or Televisa’s honchos Emilio Azcárraga Jean, Bernando Gómez Martínez, Alfonso de Angoitia, José Bastón Patiño to make sure this kind of thing doesn’t happen, we have to call all of them out, because this is inexcusable.

And, unlike Tovar, people do not think what happened is funny:

There’s a Televisa press release floating around that claims the scene was fake, “with the hopes of creating a viral moment.” But Televisa hasn’t posted this message on any of their own official accounts, so it seems likely that this release has been fabricated.

We’ll be reaching out to Televisa for answers.

Update, 10/27: After much media backlash, ATM has removed the two videos of the incident. There have also been reports that both of them were fired because, as a supposed Televisa press release stated, they were just acting to create a viral moment. Tovar and Reza did release a video, though they are very vague about what went down. Check it out below.