Entre Rios Returns

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Indie electronic-pop fans rejoice!

After two years of silence, Entre Rios, the Argentinean music group led by Sebastián Carreras and Gabriel Lucena, is finally going to release a new album! When original singer, Isol  left the group to perform other projects a few years ago,  el duo de Carreras y Lucena toured as Entre Rios with singer, Paula Meijide in 2006. In the latest line-up change, Entre Rios has recruited singer Rosario Ortega and drummer Romina Dangelo; becoming, for the fist time, a four-piece band. As they recently announced on their official Myspace page,  the new album will be self-titled and is set to be released on September 20, 2008 under the label Indice Virgen  , with tour around Argentina, Mexico, Spain and the United States (finally!) to follow.

Their new songs have more of an instrumental feel to them that stand out from their previous, more electronic-oriented material. It sort of reminds us of bands like the British dream-pop group The Jesus and Mary Chain, German electro-pop greats The Notwist and the New York-based Magnetic Fields (if you don’t know who any of these are…búscalos en Google!) making this an album that we are REALLY looking  forward to.

Here are some of Entre Rios’ music videos:

"Hoy No"

"Salven Las Sirenas"