Epicentro Latin Indie Summit & Festival Nrmal Will Take Costa Rica This November

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Epicentro and Nrmal are two indie projects working on giving up-and-coming Latin American bands a circuit to develop their careers.  So last March when they announced they’d be joining forces, it made sense. The joint event will give audiences, musicians and indie labels a physical space where a community that usually only interacts online can come together.

Today the two initiatives announced that they’ll be hosting the very first Epicentro Latin Indie Summit this November, along with the first outside-of-Mexico edition of Festival Nrmal. Simultaneously, the first Independent Label Market in Latin America will also be held.

The summit and the label market will happen from November 18 to 21, while the music festival is slated to take place on Saturday November 21st. All of these events are going down at Centro de Eventos Pedregal in San José, Costa Rica.

If that pura vida life wasn’t reason enough for you to book a flight to Costa Rica, then this definitely is.

Stay tuned for lineup updates.