Estevan Oriol: New Photos From São Paulo

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What do you get when you combine Los Angeles photographer Estevan Oriol‘s vision and a stint in São Paulo, Brazil? Snapshots of lowriders in Brazil, of course.

Celebrated gangsta-photographer Estevan Oriol posted new portraits taken during a trip he took to promote his book, “L.A. Woman“, in Brazil. The photos place Estevan’s signature on the urban landscape of São Paulo. Cars with 20-inch rims, hydraulic lifts and the tattooed dudes who drive them are Oriol’s focus. He reminds us that the lowrider culture stretches far beyond the county of Los Angeles, and for that, we’re kind of proud.

Check out the photos below and tell us if you think SP could easily be confused with LA. It’s easy to see why the photographer was inspired.