Hunger Strike for an Invite

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Hunger strikes have a long history as a potent form of civil unrest. A 19-year-old Mexican woman is on a hunger strike to draw attention to one of the most important human rights causes of our time: her right to attend the Prince William/Kate Middleton wedding.

Estibalis Chavez has parked herself outside the English embassy in Mexico City in a tent and, as of Saturday, she claimed not to have eaten for eight days, surviving on water alone. She’s surrounded herself with fliers with messages on them like, “This is my only dream,” “Are they going to let me die just because they wouldn’t give me an invitation to the royal wedding?” Of Lady Diana, Prince William’s late mother, the Telegraph reports Estibalis as saying:

“I think she was one of the most interesting women in history, and one of the best and most beautiful…My mother was a big fan of Lady Di too and she died when I was born, so I promised myself I would attend her son’s wedding.”

We wish Estibalis the best—honestly, we feel really sorry for her—but would like to remind her that appearing crazy and desperate are the wrong ways to get asked to share a room with celebrities and world leaders.

Check out the Telegraph’s article for more info, and watch CNN‘s video, which is fascinating and a real downer…