Ex Crush Got His Girl Knocked Up

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I’m not the type to crush on movie stars. Okay, maybe when I was 10 and had a crush on every teenager that graced the cover of Big Bopper, but it takes someone special like Chad Allen (holla, if you hear me). So when news struck that my one and only famous person crush Gael Garcia Bernal got another chick pregnant I was pretty pissed off.

Yes ladies, Gael is officially off the market. That is, unless you like baby mama drama. Personally, I’m cool off all that.

According to Latina magazine, Gael Garcia Bernal is in a state of denial about his girlfriend Dolores Fonzi’s pregnancy, refusing to admit that he and the Argentinian actress are having a baby.  I don’t blame him. I’m sure he’s fearful of my wrath.

"Two people very close to the Mexican and a friend of the Argentinean confirmed that Dolores is four and a half months pregnant and that the father is Gael," reports, adding that "another source discloses that Fonzi met Gael’s maternal family last December, when the actor brought her to Guadalajara to spend New Years together. In a reunion at his grandfather’s house, Fonzi was playing with the kids and getting along very well with Gael’s mother, Patricia Bernal."

Gael and Dolores met on the set of their film Vidas Privadas in 2001 (while he was still dating Natalie Portman). Who knows when he’ll come clean about the truth—that many women’s dreams are being crushed.