Exclusive Video Premiere: Cineplexx "Mejor"

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One of our newest favorite artists, Cineplexx, has just debuted his spankin’ new video of his single Mejor”.  Cineplexx (real name: Sebastian Litmanovich) is an Argentinean singer-songwriter based in Barcelona, and “Mejor” is from his also new album, Nuevahola.  The video definitely captures the nostalgic yet carefree essence of the song.  Think 60’s, 70’s, kaleidoscopes, beachy days at the carnival, video & photo montages… you get the idea.  Watching this video made me wish summer were here already (SIGH).  We can’t wait for our next mental vacation with Cineplexx.  In the meantime, watch the video as many times as you want right here on Remezcla!