Facebook Just Donated $250K in Coding Scholarships For Latino and African-American Kids

Lead Photo: Associated Press
Associated Press
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Silicon Valley and the tech industry is a mostly white and Asian man’s game. A breakdown of nine companies shows that Latino and African American hires remain in the single digits. Women fare better, but not enough. This means the odds are stacked even more against minority women.

This week, Facebook donated $250,000 for scholarships to Dev Bootcamp, an immersive 19-week coding program. The money will completely cover tuition for 20 minority or female students, though it’s only open to California residents, according to USA Today. Facebook’s annual F8 developers conference, which took place today, will help fund the scholarship; tickets are $595.

“Facebook’s generous donation makes a real impact on Dev Bootcamp’s goal to achieve proportional representation of the U.S. population with our student base of women and minorities,” said Tarlin Ray, Dev Bootcamp’s vice president of business development and corporate strategy.

The applications are due May 2, so fill them out while you can here.