Here’s What Facebook Has Planned for Our Heritage Month

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Facebook.
Courtesy of Facebook.
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We are in the thick of Our Heritage Month right now, and many are celebrating our robust community, including mega-platform Facebook. This month the social media platform is “Taking Heritage Forward,” with plenty of content to highlight and celebrate the Latine culture. And, they are getting help with some of the community’s most famous faces. 

The Estefans are returning for their Facebook Watch series, Red Table Talk: The Estefans. The Daytime Emmy-nominated series will be back this month with new celebrity guests and experts. As always, there will be no topic off limits when Gloria, Emily, and Lili Estefan pull up a chair to the iconic table. 

Also, in the music arena, the Aguilar Family took to Facebook and Instagram. First on Facebook, Angela, Leonardo, and Pepe debuted an exclusive Mariachi performance of “Celebrando a México con Los Aguilar.” Then, on the ‘gram, Angela Aguilar shared a special feature focusing on her Mexican roots. 

Later in the month, J Balvin and Danna Paola will release exclusive music on Facebook. Fans will also get an exclusive music video of “Lao’ a Lao” in October on Facebook. 

Moreover, not only will there be a 2021 Hispanic Heritage Awards on October 8 in partnership with the Hispanic Heritage Foundation, but Facebook is also dropping a “Latinx Sticker Pack” while also highlighting emerging artists and creators with the #SomosLimitless hashtag. 

Already on the platform is a conversation with Becky G. She hosted an audio room with her mother, Alex Gomez, and boyfriend Sebastian Lletget. Together they talked about their Latine identity, mental health, and what they had to deal with inside the community. 

“I was either too Mexican for the Americans or too American for Mexico. And it was hard to feel like I belonged somewhere… then I realized that I wasn’t the only one dealing with this Latinx identity crisis. I like to consider us the 200% where we are a hundred percent proud of our roots, where we come from, but also a hundred percent proud of, you know, being American and where we were born,” Becky G says. 

The entire conversation can be heard here