Father's Day: 5 Gift Tips For The Man Who Felt You Kick Inside Him For 9 Months

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In a classic episode of the Cosby Show, Bill Cosby as Cliff Huxtable bemoans the state of Father’s Day presents. “There are fathers all over the world who get presents they can’t use or don’t want,” he begins. “You mothers,” he tells Claire, “know how to work Mother’s day. You promote yourselves. I don’t say anything, and look at me.” Indeed.

Here are 5 tips for Father’s Day gleaned from Remezcla staff & friends.


Tip #1:

Contact your dad one way or the other. Whether your dad is driving cross country, or in Mexico, you can send a card, call—or even text.

Tip #2:

Keep it simple. Figure out a hobby your dad enjoys, and go do it with him. Spend a day on the dock fishing, helping your dad to prepare an asado, or, as one staffer does, go to a restaurant where your dad can watch airplanes go by.

Tip #3:

Consumables, consumables, consumables: get the man something he can use. My dad does most of the cooking in my house, but isn’t the type to actually go and buy kitchen accessories. My most successful father’s day present to date? A skillet. Other staffers reported that their dads really enjoyed getting favorite spirits, beer, wine, tobacco (cerrito: a veces el paquete tiene una gran fotografia de un hombre con problemas sexuales o otra cosa rara), cigars (Cubanos illegales only), shot glasses (from the patria), and ash trays.

Tip #4:

Follow @remezcla on twitter. We’ll be retweeting father day deals from Latin companies right up to the big day. Remember, IT’S THIS SUNDAY!!!

Tip #5:

Appreciate your dad every day.” This insight came from a staffer, who grew up Jehovah’s Witness and didn’t celebrate Father’s Day or any other holiday.