Fidel Castro’s Grandson Is Apparently an Aspiring Model

Lead Photo: REUTERS/Alexandre Meneghini
REUTERS/Alexandre Meneghini
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On Tuesday, Havana’s Paseo del Prado became Chanel’s runway. More than 100 1950s American cars transported audience members to the show, where they checked out what Karl Lagerfeld had to offer for Chanel’s Resort 2017 Collection, a.k.a. the best in yacht wear. With such an extreme display of wealth in a country where people earn $20 a month, the show definitely raised complicated questions about the realities of everyday Cubans and how, if at all, they will be impacted by relaxed relations with the U.S. (Check out Jezebel‘s Julianne Escobedo Shepherd explanation of what made the show so difficult to watch.)

As anything Karl does, the show also attracted lots of expected (Gisele Bundchen and Tilda Swinton) and unexpected (a guayabera-wearing Vin Diesel) famous faces. And days before the show happened, there were rumors that Fidel Castro’s 19 year-old grandson, Antonio, would make his way down the runway.

Though we haven’t been able to confirm that he walked in the show, aspiring model Antonio did show up to Paseo del Prado, wearing a mint-green shirt. A few photos of him are featured on Brian Canelles’ Facebook page, while other images of him floating around social media – which feature trips to Paris, among other things– suggest Antonio’s lifestyle is much more luxurious than the average Cuban’s. This type of lifestyle may seem incongruous with his grandfather’s claims about the family (Fidel Castro has previously stated he earns a salary of just 900 pesos a month, about $38.) However, rumors of the Castro family’s wealth have long existed, and were even the subject of a recent tell-all book by a former Castro bodyguard.

Nineteen year-old Tony is the son of Antonio Castro, who was recently reported to have taken a luxurious vacation in Turkey and Greece.


Check out a few other highlights from the Chanel show below: