CONTEST: Fill in the Blank-sy

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It’s a darn shame what happened to Banksy’s wonderfully hopeful reworking of the famous “Caution” Mexican-Family-Crossing sign. Hoodlums at it again, running amuck all over the city. So we thought, why not ask the fine folk from the Remezcla network to theoretically customize the space, fill the concrete void that Banksy’s kite-flying immigrant family has left (seen above and below). So we present (wait for it) Fill in the Blank-sy (gosh, we’re so clever), a contest designed to get you thinking and creating. What would you put in this spot’s space now that Banksy’s work has been stolen?

We’re accepting submissions now until the end of the month and hope to find some inspired art from some inspired artists along the way. The winner will get…something. We won’t reveal the prizes yet, but they’ll be good. Rules and guidelines for submitting are below. Get cracking!


1. Create, in any medium (graphic design, graffiti, photography, acrylic, sketch, illustration, etc.), what you think should fill the empty space now found where Banksy’s sign once was.
2. The message of the piece can be the same as the original or completely different, but in keeping with Banksy’s political style and overall message.
3.  Submit your work or a clear, high-res picture of your work (attached and/or pasted in the body of the email) to with the Subject line: Fill in the Blank-sy Submission, and your name, number, and email in the body of the email.
4.  No size restrictions.
5. It goes without saying (but we’ll say it anyway so there’s no confusion), that the winning artwork will NOT be placed in the space itself. This is completely theoretical and for Remezcla purposes only. Your artwork will be seen, though. Just not specifically in Boyle Heights.
6.  All ages welcome. All countries welcome.

Photo by Ted Soqui.