Los Locals: SF Filmmaker Aurora Guerrero on Queer-Friendly Places to Eat, Dance, and Party

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In this column, we talk to culture makers and shakers around the country – people doing cool things in nightlife, photography, fashion, music, film – about their opinions on the best local bands, venues, parties, and… hangover food, because obviously.


Aurora Guerrero
S.F. Bay Area

Born and raised in the Bay, Aurora Guerrero blew up at the Sundance Film Festival back in 2012 with her feature film debut Mosquita y Mari. It’s a sensitive, bold, and thoughtful portrait of two teenage Chicanas whose budding friendship begins to slowly become something beyond just friends. After spending several years living in L.A., Guerrero recently moved back to the Bay.

Tell us about one your craziest nights in San Francisco.

Oh dang! If I did share I’d be incriminating several people and I can’t do that, not unless I want to lose some good friends 😉 Let’s just say my craziest nights have been in San Francisco during my early 20s when full moon raves where the shit and queer women of color warehouse dance parties were poppin.

What’s the perfect night out in S.F.?

Good food and listening to a live salsa band somewhere outdoors where no one’s trippin on same-sex couples.

What local bands/DJs should we have on our radar?

Rosa la Rumorosa, a queer Xicana DJ who’s been repping the old skool cumbias and DJ Emancipacion, a Middle Eastern woman who’s got some of the hottest deep house sets I’ve jammed to in years.

Best venues for live music?

Cigar bar and El Rio.

Best place to go out dancing?

Queer Qumbia in Oakland.

The Oakland outfit took its party to Texas for a night.
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Best Latin place to get hangover food?

El Farolito

Best place to hook up?

Bernal Heights loma

Which bars/clubs should we avoid?

Overpriced Mission hipster spots.

Best hidden gems?

It wouldn’t be a gem if I shared, especially in S.F. where certain folks are quick to appropriate!

Favorite local artist?

Genie Love

Photo by Spencer Wilkinson
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Favorite local gallery?

Galeria de la Raza

Favorite Spanish curse word?