Heineken Mural Project ATL – Final Murals

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The Heineken Mural Project’s Atlanta installment has come to a close, and with it, the whole Mural Project for this year. Of course, it isn’t entirely gone. Atlanta now features brand new works from six of the world’s top street artists. You’ve followed us through three cities, not peep the final products. Here are the Atlanta murals.

“Well, with tattooing, you have to deal with another mind while you’re creating, constantly being judged, watched, by a person. You have to deal with their personality as well. With art you don’t really have to talk to anyone; its just you, a can, and a wall. […] Open Your World, to me means, shit just opening and creating your reality of previous dreams by any means necessary.” – Paperfrank

“Open your world. What does it mean to me? It’s kind of self-explanatory. Basically: open your mind, open your heart, open your body, open your soul, and keep it live.” – Chor Boogie

“Open my world? I guess it’s freedom, man. […] As an artist, being able to just hop around, vibe out with other artists…being able to be creative and live off that creativity.” – Angry Woebots

“The title of this mural is actually ‘Nocturnal Wisdom,’ and to me that’s what Open Your World means. It means never stop in the pursuit of knowledge, or stop in the pursuit of growth, artistically, spiritually, creatively…if you open your world you’re going to constantly benefit from that.” – Marka27

“We […] want to bring our culture here to kind of, like, open up to the world in the US.” – Clogtwo and Inkten