Here Are a Few Final Thoughts on Election Day From America Ferrera, Christina Aguilera & More Latinx Celebrities

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla.
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla.
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Election Day is finally here. After months of campaigning, panel discussions, fundraising efforts, social-media engagement and philanthropic outreach, it’s time to see how much of an impact Latinx people are going to make today (Nov. 3) when the votes (all the votes!) are tallied up. Until then, here are some final thoughts from the Twitter accounts of a few Latinx celebrities who are eager to change the trajectory of America tonight.

America Ferrera

Latinas – the time is now! #Vote like your dignity, opportunity and life depends on it…because they do! Imagine the future you want & go vote for it. WE have the power, so let’s show up and let our voices be heart loud and proud! VOTE VOTE VOTE! #SheSePuede

Christina Aguilera

V-O-T-E! Now is a crucial time! Each one of us is held responsible for making a step toward change and using our voices. We’ve knocked down walls throughout history to be able to use our power and the time to use it is NOW!

Jaime Camil

Please #vote. Don’t get discouraged by long lines or intimidation techniques, YOU can decide this election. Por favor #vota Que no te agüiten las filas largas o las técnicas de intimidación de otros. TÚ puedes dicidir esta election.

Arturo Castro

Whatever happens … there’s two things I know: 1. Humans are resilient as hell. We’re able to survive extraordinary circumstances and I hope decency prevails. 2. I picked the wrong f—ing time to stop smoking cigarettes.

Rita Moreno

In America, you have the right to vote, the right to protest, the right to assemble, the right to be.

John Leguizamo

It’s #ElectionDay!! It’s UR voice, it’s UR #Vote…Be heard!!

Jay Hernández

This is fact. Time has run out. NOW is the only option.

Rosario Dawson

#EveryVoteCounts #VoteForScience #CountEveryVote

Pedro Pascal

#VOTE #ThisIsTheWay