PHX: Your December First Friday Event Picks

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Photo: Chip Thomas

The weather in Phoenix is getting cooler, so you might need to actually take your coat and beanie out tonight, to prepare yourself for First Friday festivities. Wander downtown in the cold and let the light and warmth inside these galleries guide you. Who knows, you might also find some champurrado on your wanderings.

Palabra is celebrating its UNO year anniversary at its 7th street hybrid hair salon and art gallery, starting at 8 PM. Not only is the night host to an anniversary celebration, but its also the official launch of the Palabra Art Collective, which includes Joseph Sentrock Perez, Ashley Macias, Rebecca Green, Mikey Jackson, Yai Cecream, Tyson Krank, Spencer Hibert, Enrique Garcia and El Peezo.

Eighty Grand is also hosting their last pop up shop of 2013 at Palabra, where they will be releasing their end of the year collection, with a limited edition crewneck sweatshirt by Sentrock.

On Adams and 2nd St, ALAC (Arizona Latin@ Arts & Cultural Center) is hosting the 3rd Annual Virgen de Guadalupe Exhibition, along with a Holiday Mercado, from 11 AM to 10 PM. Reception for the gallery starts at 6 PM. This marks their annual Christmas celebration, and features Danza de las Americas, Ballet Folklorico Esperanza, Caribe Percussion, as well as other local artists.

Willo North Gallery will be presenting Mother Corn, Mother Nopal: A Natural Connection to Guadalupe, in collaboration with CALACA Community Gallery Initiatives. Reception begins at 6 PM with live music from Itzia Violet and Olivero Balcells.

The exhibition will feature contemporary works that honor La Virgen de Guadalupe or Tonantzin. El nopal, or prickly pear plant, will be presented in its traditional role of reverence and association with La Virgen.

Artists featured in the exhibition include Diana Calderon, Monica Gisel, Mary Ann Rodriguez-Veatch, Tawny Gamboa, Martin Moreno, Marco Albarran, Ruben Galicia, Oliverio Balcells, Veronica Verdugo-Lomeli, Corrine Vialpando, Irma Sanchez, Chris Vialpando, and Annette Sexton Ruiz.

Along with the show, there will be a Mercado, where you can purchase unique and hand-made art from local artists as unique Christmas gifts for those in your life.

Are we missing anything? Let us know about YOUR event in the comments.