Fist Bumping the DNC

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Chicago’s very own home girl and Barack’s #1 for the last 16 years, Michelle Obama is opening the Democratic National Convention taking place in Denver, Colorado for the next four days. She might deliver the most worthwhile speech of the entire convention and set the tone of the image Democrats want the world to view her husband. She’s not a just a powerful black woman who married another cool lawyer from the south side, the woman has personality and character when she speaks, I mean what other candidate for the seat as first lady of the United States makes her signature move the fist  bump. Her keynote address tonight will surely bring out her edgy remarks and no BS personality. 


People here in town who know the Obamas often say she outshines Barack in a room and people tend to like her even more than him. (If you can imagine that)  Michelle was born and raised in the South Side of Chicago, she graduated from

Whitney Young High School in 1981 and went on to Princeton University and then Harvard Law School. She met Barack when they were the only two African Americans at a local law firm. Michelle was assigned to mentor him as a summer associate. This is  probably when they came up with the  fist bumping action, a move that might turn into the new official White House salute.