Five Last Minute Hurricane Sandy Halloween Costumes

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Twitter: @AndreaGompf

With Mayor Bloomberg canceling NYC’s annual Village Halloween Parade for the first time in its four decade history and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie considering an Executive Order to reschedule Halloween, it would seem that Hurricane Sandy nos jodió las fiestas. But here at Remezcla, we’re not ones to give up on la juerga so easily. Instead, we’ve chosen to look at the silver lining of the hurricane clouds: TOPICAL SANDY HALLOWEEN COSTUMES.

If the lack of electricity/internet/dry conditions aren’t scary enough for you, or if your cabin fever is reaching homicidal slasher film levels, hit the streets in one of these Sandy-inspired costume ideas:

1. Windswept Sandy

Yeah, we know it’s a no brainer, but we had to include it. What you need: skintight black pants & shirt, black leather jacket, cigarette, red peep-toe shoes, and LAST BUT NOT LEAST: small hand-held fan to create crazy hurricane wind-swept hair all night.

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